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We are a General Contractor who will work for the client through the insurance process. We also manage each piece of the job to take the heavy lifting off the homeowners plate. Residential and Commercial.

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We offer free damage inspections for any residential home-owner.. 

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Letter of Recommendation 

To whom it may concern, 

We would like to write a letter of “High Recommendation” for Todd Tinsley and his team at Innovators Best LLC (Roofing Systems). 

We like many others had our roof damage in the hails storms that sometimes plague our area. We called Mr. Tinsley after speaking to several of our neighbors about their contractors as we felt he was the most reliable and honest. And we were not mistaken. He took the time to come to the house with roofing samples so we could see what we were getting and allowed us to keep the sample board for a few days so that we could look at the colors and determine what we would like. The quality of the shingles he offered was miles better than your standard shingle and the fact that we had choice of color as well an added bonus. He took the time to come out and meet with our insurance adjuster as well to ensure nothing was overlooked that was needed, although prior to this he had walked the roof himself along with his crew supervisor to ensure all bases were covered so there were multiple examinations of all aspects. When our estimate from the insurance company arrived he reviewed it as well and noticed they had not included a few items that had been discussed, he personally contacted them concerning this error. His attention to detail was top notch. 

When it came time to have the work performed the crew was efficient, they performed their duties professionally. They had the consideration of tenting and protecting our landscaping around the house and our A/C unit. All things you would expect, but Mr Tinsley went the extra mile and came out personally to look the work over and check on all the little details. He even helped us set up a few other repairs such as gutters and some mortar repair on our brick work and he dealt with the contractors involved so that we did not have too. 

Overall our experience with Mr. Tinsley and his crew was exceptional. The personal involvement, his crew supervisor taking the time to come out prior, the quality of the materials, were all absolutely outstanding! 

Thank you,
William and Patricia Tuggle Plano, Tx 


Thomas and Sherry Knight! 

Rhea Mills Circle 

Prosper, TX 75078 

To Whom It May Concern needing second to none services.... 

RE: Innovator’s Best LLC Roofing Todd Tinsley’s 

Job Performance 

We were in need of a roof replacement on both our home and shop building due to a manufacturing shingle defect. The manufacturer agreed to replace the roof under a warranty situation.
We contacted a generalcontractor to do house work upon completion we asked him for a roof referral to do the shingle replacement. 

Our contractor strongly suggested Todd Tinsley of Innovator’s Best LLC. 

We contactedToddand beganthe process. Fromthe outset andthroughout the entireprocess,Todd performed courteously and professionally. He communicated well via phone call, email and text to answer questions and keep us informed of each phase of the operation. 

We had a special circumstance involved, which was the fact that we were selling our home and needed the roof completed as of the sales contractual obligation by a specific close date. Todd scrambled resources as quickly as the process would allow and told us he would get the job done by the dose date. We were somewhat hampered by having to wait on the manufacturer to authorize and generate payment for the two phases of the operation. 

But, Todd managed to get the job done and completed it the day before closing as promised. 

During the re-roofing, Todd dropped by several times to keep his eye on the progress and to answer any questions that might have arisen The roof Todd especially did an excellent job and we were well pleased with the results. 

We would highly recommend Todd to anyone needing his wide range services without hesitation. 


Thomas A. Knight 


Innovator’s Best LLC

Your company recently replaced my off, portions of my fence and pergola that were destroyed during our spring hail storms this year. I had no idea who to contact to do the repairs. I had my roof replaced due to damage in 2008and was very unhappy with the work. Finding someone honest and friendly is always a challenge. I notion seemly of my neighbors bad your sign in their front yard so I decided to call. They sent a gentleman over and be told me he needed to contact the person who worked that area. I honestly figured I would not hear from anyone, but within an hour or so Todd knocked on my door and introduced himself.

I would like to compliment Todd Tinsley and his team for an "Excellent, lob". Me and my daughter are extremely happy with the work they did. Above all, the cu1omer service 1was given by Todd Tinsley made all the difference in the world. I have lived in Plano since 2004 and this is the first company that I felt like my feelings and needs were a priority. Not only did Todd go over every aspect of the work needed to repair all the damage, but be treated me with respect. He took the time to assure me

that Innovator’s Best LLC goal was 100% satisfaction. Not only did be explain all the steps in detail but he treated me like a customer out a $$. That is very important to me. Your company renewed my faith in the "right" way to conduct repair businesses by a professional company.

Again, thank you very much for a job well done. I have recommended your company to others and will continue to do so. Have a blessed day.

Very truly yours,

Shari Stanley


To Whom it May Concern: 

It is my pleasure to recommend Todd Tinsley with Innovator’s Best LLC Roofing Experts. 

Todd made the process of replacing our roof so easy. Everything that Todd said would be replaced got replaced in a prompt manner with no hassles. 

Todd and everyone at Innovator’s Best Roofing is very professional and they have wonderful customer service. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Innovator’s Best LLC Roofing as a quality roofing contractor. 

Charles & Sydna Chancellor 

1608 Azalea Ln
Plano Texas 75074 

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